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Role in the project
  • DOP
  • Edit
  • 3D Animation
  • Matchmoving
  • Color grading
Used Software

Hometown skateboarding event

It was such a challenge for me to make something like this. I ‘ve almost never used 3D objects in the video before. One of my best friends Michal Galik asked me to make some cool invitation to the upcoming event he produced in our hometown Přerov. There was no budget but lots of time to learn new stuff. After a few tests at home, I was ready to shoot and I decided to make it possible. The whole idea is to shoot some skateboarding tricks and put the 3D words of the event in the scene. Big thanks for the help on this project is for Filip Adam and Michal Kralicek.

Game of Skate

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Behind the scenes

Take a look at behind the scenes photos, making of video and some still frames.

Game of skate

Behind The scenes